Minimize the risk of failure and maximize the potential benefits of blockchain technology.

What is OBARA?

OBARA helps organizations evaluate their readiness for blockchain adoption and identify areas for improvement to make data driven decisions for successful implementation of a secure and compliant blockchain program. It also aims to identify the maturity level needed for the simplest use cases.

Scope Areas

The Organizational Blockchain Adoption Readiness Assessment (OBARA) is a tool developed by Block Expert that helps organizations evaluate their readiness for blockchain adoption by assessing their maturity level across 5 key scope areas: Management, Process, People, Technology, and Acquisition.


Framework's Structure

The OBARA framework is designed to assess the organization's current capabilities and identify areas for improvement, with the goal of ensuring that the organization's blockchain program is aligned with its strategic goals and objectives, compliant with relevant laws and regulations, secure, and effectively managed.


The framework covers 8 categories


Each category contains several topics


Each topic includes several control requirements


Block Expert scores each blockchain adoption scope area and their related categories against the maturity model resulting in a maturity score per scope area, followed by pragmatic recommendations. This helps ogranizations to:

  • Identify the areas for improvement; and
  • Increase their adoption readiness by applying the recommendations.

Assessment Questions

The OBARA framework consists of 8 categories, each category has several topics and for each topic there is a set of maturity questions.

  • A set of quetions will cover the objective of the controls within the framework.
  • Depending on the current practices and the level of formalization for each control, organization's maturity will be scored.
  • The maturity result will be an average of all the maturity scores from all controls.

OBARA's Uniqueness


OBARA helps organizations ensure that their blockchain program aligns with their strategic goals and objectives. This includes ensuring that the program is aligned with the organization's overall business strategy, and that it supports the organization's goals for growth, innovation, and competitive advantage.


OBARA helps organizations to gradually increase their blockchain adoption, instead of implementing complex and high maturity use cases from the start in order to minimize the risk of failure and maximize the potential benefits of blockchain technology, while also allowing for a more seamless transition for employees and other stakeholders.


OBARA is a one of a kind blockchain adoption readiness assessment framework that is built on a solid foundation of research, industry standards, and practical experience. It has provided a solid foundation for organizations to make data driven decisions and ensure a successful implementation of blockchain technology.